Sunday, 9 May 2010

Anarchy for the UK?

Well, this isn't quite what I was hoping would happen, but it's very interesting all the same. A hung parliament always looked inevitable but the collapse of Liberal Democrat support was a surprise, pulling in even less seats than they did in 2005. I was expecting/hoping that they would win at least 70 but I expect that, as often happens, people had a late change of heart alone in the booth and reverted back to the main two parties. I know I was tempted. In my own constituency, the Tory candidate won by a mile (and actually with a majority of the votes) with the Lib Dems coming (a very far) second. So, like millions of other people, my vote did not count at all.

Now we have the Conservatives and the Lib Dems in frantic power talks hoping to put together some kind of coalition before the weekend is out. Good luck with that. I predicted a Con-Lib pact about six months ago (should have put some money on it). It seemed clear that the Conservatives were never going to get the swing needed to form a working majority and that Gordon Brown had about the same prospects of winning as Champion The Wonder Horse.

So now here we are, living in an anarchic state. Although observe how life simply carries on unabated for pretty much all of us. The markets are doing their whole "wooah, woooh, what's going ON?" thing, but with the Greek (and general European) debt crisis, they'd probably be doing that anyway. Who's in control now? The Civil Service I guess. So little change there then.